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Why Does Hookah Vases Need Water?

Armin Barbei
May 13, 2022

It’s safe to say that water inside of your hookah base is the key part of your hookah session that provides cool, filtered smoke for you to enjoy your hookah comfortably and safely.

As you’re sucking air through the hose of your hookah, the bubbles and water in your hookah are working to cool, diffuse, and filter the smoke inside the base. The constant speed and contact your smoke has with air and water allows the smoke to lower in temperature and smoothen out in consistency, meaning that your throat and lungs will remain in good condition during a hookah session.

Imagine if your hookah didn’t have water inside of it. You’ve packed a bowl full of shisha, loaded up hot charcoal, and dry pull from the hookah without the aid of water in the process. More than likely, you’re going to experience a hit that’s extremely hot, harsh, and rather unpleasant!

As your smoke is percolating through the stem and base of your hookah, the aeration and filtration process allows for your smoke to be reduced in the amount of byproducts your respiratory system is exposed to.

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