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What Makes Borosilicate Glass Best for Water Pipes? Affordable Glass in Columbia, Maryland 21045

Armin Barbei
August 2, 2023

At Pars Market you will find many of our waterpipes, and bongs labeled borosillicate, and many ask what is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is a material that has proven its worth through time. Being created in 1908, this type of glass has been used in many ways for over 100 years.A good example of an early use of borosilicate is with the Pyrex company; a company that made glass for use in housewares. You know, that glass measuring cup that grandmas world-wide use for everything from baking measurements to microwaving vegetables.This imagery may definitely seem confusing when relating it to water pipes. However, it is a great example because the same reasons you desire quality glass in a kitchen for housewares are the same qualities you want in your bongs, rigs and pipes.  Just as you want a temperature-resistant and incredibly durable piece of glassware that is free of toxins for your kitchen, it is important to have a water pipe that is equipped to handle long-term use.

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At Pars Market we have a wide selection of Affordable, and top quality borosilicate glass! 

Borosilicate glass is a clear glass which is easy to keep clean — this being one of its most desirable features for each of its applications. A good contrast to highlight this quality is to compare it against the softer glasses that are used to make the generally more colourful heady glass pieces.

Each smoker has their own taste. At the same time though, we can say that every smoker could benefit from having a piece of scientific glass made of borosilicate. It really depends on what type of collection you are creating. Although not as artistic as heady glass, borosilicate has a better lifespan than most other pieces of glass.

If you are looking to make a purchase that is a cornerstone of any collection, a water pipe made of borosilicate glass best for you, and the friendly associates of Pars Market can help you! 

At Pars Market we have a wide selection of Glasspipes, Handpipes, Bongs and Many more!  Stop by today!

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