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Where to buy Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer? And how do the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer work?

Armin Barbei
July 29, 2022
Of course your favorite smoke shop sells the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer! Probably the most iconic and world-renowned desktop vaporizer ever made, the Volcano Classic, was launched over a decade ago. The new Volcano Hybrid adds Bluetooth app compatibility, a much quicker heat-up time.
You can either fill up a dosing capsule or use a Volcano Hybrid Reducer and have a small session of 0.1-0.15 grams of flower, or use the standard chamber and pack it with upwards of 1 gram or more for those really powerful sessions.After placing the Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber back on the device, simply set your temperature and then wait until it heats up. The new Hybrid heats up much quicker than its predecessors, bringing you up to speed in around 20-40 seconds.
Once it has warmed up, either use a balloon and hit the air button, or attach the Volcano Hybrid tube, and just draw directly. From there, depending on the quality of your herb and the chamber size, you’ll get one full balloon and a half filled one off of one dosing capsule, or multiple full balloons from a full chamber.

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