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When to Change Your Hookah Hose?

Armin Barbei
May 1, 2023

Have you ever taken a pull from your hookah hose expecting one flavor, but instead you received your current blend mixed with your last couple of bowls? Weird right? You’ve cleaned your hookah and changed out the base water but the shisha flavor just isn’t coming through the right way.This happens when the path that your smoke travels through isn’t clean and that path, in almost all situations, is your hookah hose.

One sign it's time to change your hookah hose is hose discoloration. Over time with typical use, your hookah hose may begin to show a slight discoloration in the tubing which happens faster to those that use their hose more often.Can you clean it off? Nope. You can continue to wash as you would normally, but the discoloration doesn’t disappear. Once the tubing darkens it can begin to affect your flavor the longer you use it, so be prepared to swap things out before all your favorite flavors have a different taste. This is normal so don’t panic.

Another way to tell if it is time to buy a new hose is if you smell the hose. It may look funny the first time, but bring the heel of the hose to your nose and push a little bit of air through the mouth tip. As long as you don’t have funky breath, this should be a clear indication as to what your desired hookah flavor is about to be up against on the way to your taste buds. Keeping multiple silicone hoses in your stash will allow you to dedicate them to individual profiles like mint, double apple, fruit, or any other flavor you like to smoke. This limits the amount of cleaning in-between sessions if you’re bouncing along a broad spectrum of flavors and extends the life by splitting up usage time.

Many ask how often should I change the hookah hose? every 3-4 months if you’re smoking every day. But it also depends on what you’re smoking as well as the temperature of your smoke during your session. If you like lighter, less intense clouds, it will be a while before you have to change your hose. But if you’re pulling a lot of smoke through several days of the week, the longevity of the hose changes.So the easiest thing to say is: if it stinks, and/or if it looks bad, it's time to swap it.

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