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What is The Differences Between Bubblers and Bongs?

Armin Barbei
September 18, 2022

The most obvious difference between a bubbler and a bong is their size. Bubbler pipes are small and designed to be held in your hand. Bongs, on the other hand, are large devices that are meant to sit on the floor or a table for use. Being a smaller size, bubblers are typically more portable than the average water bong. Bubblers are small and handheld, meaning that they are more ideal for traveling with. Bongs are larger and often have a couple of pieces to go with them like a bong bowl.

There is a difference between the amount of clouds each puff. Bongs, due to their larger size, can hold a higher volume of smoke than bubblers, and therefore can provide larger amounts of smoke per hit. Additionally the size of the bowl does make a difference. Bubblers are generally made as a single piece of glass, which includes a built-in bowl piece where you can pack your dry herbs. Bongs on the other hand have a slide area where you can slide in a bong bowl - a separate bong accessory altogether, and it will be needed to operate the bong properly. Most bongs are compatible with several different designs of bong bowls which can add a bit of variation to your smoking session.

There are a few similarities between bong and bubbler. Bong and bubbler water gets nasty quick, and both pipes require that the water be changed on a regular basis.  Ideally you want to empty out the bong water when you are finished smoking. is relatively straightforward to dump and replace the water. Bubblers, because they are usually a single piece of glass,can be more difficult to change the water and fill. You can find all different kinds of bubblers and bongs on the market today. Bubblers can be glass pipe types or silicone pipe types (these are usually more easily cleaned and handled). Bongs can also be found in a variety of different materials such as glass and silicone, as well as different sizes, overall designs, and other special functions.

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