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What is Shisha (Hookah Tobacco ) Made from?

Armin Barbei
May 15, 2022

Shisha or hookah tobacco contains tobacco leaves as the base, but they are treated with molasses, glycerin, or honey. Some companies use a combination of molasses, honey and glycerin. Then the tobacco is flavored. The flavoring usually is a combination of extracts. A few companies use chemical extracts as well. The best known brands in the industry use natural extracts, whether of fruits or other materials.The tobacco is the base for most shisha.

There are more than a hundred types and flavors of shisha or hookah tobacco. However, the base material is mostly blonde leaf tobacco or dark leaf tobacco. In some non-tobacco or tobacco-free shishas, the base material may be real fruit or extract, tea leaves, or sugarcane fibers. These herbal shishas do not contain nicotine, unless added to the formula.

Molasses is used as a sweetener and is made from sugarcane. There are other substitutes such as honey and corn syrup, however, molasses is the most common choice amongst modern brands.

Glycerin is another component that is used. It is a great carrier for flavoring and it helps keep the leaves moist. Glycerin is also what produces the majority of cloud output that you see when hookah is exhaled.

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