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What is Powdered Nano Kratom?

Armin Barbei
November 8, 2022

 So what is nano kratom? Very simple actually, nano kratom is a type kratom that has been grounded up into a very fine powder. Now you might be wondering what is the benefits of nano kratom over regular powder kratom?     Well there are quite a few actually, here are some examples.
   . Only a select few companies actually make nano kratom making it less mass manufactured thus leading to a generally better overall kratom quality due to it being made in smaller batches.
   . Nano kratom as it stands is NOT a chemically modified product and will not affect the kratoms overall effect.
   . Some sellers claim that nano kratom mixes into water better. In actuality kratom is naturally hydrophobic, that meaning kratom does not like to mix into water. Over time the kratom would separate and layer onto the top of the water. Almost like oil would layer on water over time.
   .  Some sellers claim that nano kratom actually kicks in faster. This may very well be true. But some sources say that it would not change your overall kratom experience drastically.

   So is kratom chemically different from nano kratom, Short answer is no. nano kratom is no different from regular kratom chemically. You are still ingesting kratom and nothing else. Look at nano kratom as a higher quality variant. Because it is ground into such a fine powder and run through a very high micron sieve there are a lot less impurities within the kratom. This leads to a overall better kratom quality and usually a more enjoyable experience.You may ask yourself should I try nano kratom at the end of the day?Here at Pars Market it is in our opinion is that if you are a avid kratom fan and like to try new products, then nano krato might very well be for you! As it comes in red, white and green variants there is a little something for everyone!

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