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What is difference between Kratom Powder and Kratom Extract?

Armin Barbei
November 8, 2022

At Pars Market we have the largest selection of Kratom powder, Kratom Extract, and Kratom capsules. We often get ask is there a difference between Kratom Extract and Just regular Kratom powder & Kratom capsules. There are a few major differences we will discuss in this blog.

When a kratom plant is harvested, it is converted to powder. The leaves of the kratom plant are dried up and crushed finely until they turn into fine powder.Kratom powder contains the whole plant with nothing removed from it. It is less concentrated than the extract. The grower often determines when the plant is mature enough before harvesting and drying it to cure.

Kratom extracts are known to be more potent than powder. The formation process could start as a powder or as original leaves. The concentrates and active compounds in the plant are extracted using different methods. Most commonly, it is boiled and strained, so the alkaloids become more concentrated as the water boils.

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