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What Is Delta-10?

Armin Barbei
August 7, 2022

Delta 10 is one of the newer isomers of CBD/hemp, with slightly different chemical structure. Delta 10 is most commonly associated with being a more energizing form of hemp, again, much like a sativa compared to an indica. If you love delta 8 for its relaxing properties but find that sometimes you want something that gives you more of a boost, then delta 10 may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Delta-10 THC reportedly produces an uplifting and relaxing effect free from intense euphoria.Delta-10 THC produces relaxation and doesn’t feature the same anxiety or paranoia this making it a good choice for soothing anxiety without being sedating.This doesn’t mean that the stress-relieving properties we seek out in hemp aren’t potentially abundant in delta 10, but a lot of people who have tried Delta 10 have shared that it does help them feel calm, but not in the sleepy sense. Instead, it may simply help quiet the nervous system when those stress levels get too high.

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