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What is the Benefits to a Silicone Oil Rig?

Armin Barbei
September 4, 2022

Without a doubt, silicone is more durable. Silicone does not shatter, crack, or chip like glass, and therefore it can handle drops like a champ. Most of us who are used to glass pieces know the feeling of dread when we drop our piece and pray that it isn’t broken. A broken piece is an unusable one, so once it is broken, we suddenly have no ability to smoke or dab.

One major appeal of silicone pieces is how easy they are to clean compared to glass. One reason why is because when cleaning a glass piece, you need to use far more caution, because if it slips out of your hand when wet, it will break, whereas silicone does not have that issue. Another factor is that silicone is more suitable for a dishwasher, whereas glass is more vulnerable. Plus, silicone does not seem to accumulate as much gunk from the ash and resin that glass does, meaning it won’t get as dirty after each session.

Silicone is lighter in weight than glass, making it more comfortable to handle for long periods of time, and easier to travel with as it will not weigh you down as much as a glass piece.

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