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What is a Bubbler?

Armin Barbei
May 15, 2022

Bubblers are traditional hand pipes and water pipes, which creates the perfect combination for those who enjoy the compact nature of hand pipes and the water filtration and percolation of water pipes. Similar to hand pipes, bubblers include a carb hole that provides a swish and flick clearing of smoke. The ability to add water and have percolation features in the bubbler makes it an amazing choice for anyone who longs for a smooth, cool smoking experience. In addition to functionality, bubblers are a majestic and eye-catching piece to have in your collection.

A bubbler is a fantastic middle ground between water pipes and hand pipes. Bubblers are portable and can be brought to all maximum capacity parties, concerts, festivals

There are many benefits to a bubbler: 

  • Compact size similar to hand pipes
  • Built in stem around the bowl that can hold water
  • Percolation features to smoothen out hits
  • Carb hole that allow for cleaner and faster clearing of your smoke

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