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What are the Types of Rolling Papers? Where can I buy Rolling Papers in Columbia, MD?

Armin Barbei
December 25, 2022

Even with vaporizers & edibles, rolling a good old joint is still the preferred method of many. But with a wide selection of rolling papers available today, how do you ensure you can roll a nice fat one? Which type and size should you choose to create the best-rolled joints? The big difference in rolling paper types is the material. From wood pulp & rice to hemp, each material has pros and cons that can affect your rolling experience & joint’s burn rate and taste. Let’s take a closer look at these various rolling materials below.

Wood pulp is the same paper used to make cigarettes and writing paper. Since they’re made from a widely used material, wood pulp rolling papers are practically available anywhere. Another advantage of these papers is they’re easy to use, making them a good option for newbie rollers. They also offer a medium-to-fast burn rate and usually stay lit for a long time.

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Rolling papers made from rice are arguably the thinnest, so they have the least-noticeable aftertaste. While being thin is their most significant advantage, it’s also the reason it’s not suitable for those still learning the art of rolling the perfect J. They may find it hard to build a fat one when working with thin rice rolling papers. Already an expert in rolling? Then, you’ll appreciate the almost-absent aftertaste and slow-burning rate of rice papers.

Want the advantages of rice and wood pulp without any of their drawbacks? Get hemp rolling papers. They’re made from 100% natural hemp fiber and may come unbleached. Unlike rice papers, hemp papers are not thin and have a texture that makes them easy to grip and roll. Even the most amateur rollers can create a fat & perfect J with hemp papers. Hemp rolling papers aren’t taste-free. But unlike wood pulp and those with additives, hemp papers have a mildly sweet and musty taste that won’t bother most cannabis smokers. They burn slowly and stay lit longer than other papers, creating a satisfying smoking session.  

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