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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer vs. Classic Volcano: Is the Hybrid Worth It?

Armin Barbei
November 21, 2022

The Volcano Classic hit the markets in 2000 and was a revolutionary vaporizer. Technology has changed over the years, and many vaporizers now dot the market with many different features. But few brands even come close to beating the success of the Volcano Classic. The makers of Volcano Classic, Storz & Bickel, in 2019, they introduced an improved version, the Volcano Hybrid. It comes with enhanced performance and better functionality.

There are a few differences between Volcano Classic and Volcano hybrid, You can tell the difference in the control unit or buttons. The Classic comes with simple/ analogue buttons and knobs or control unit, while the Hybrid has a digital display/ touchscreen and smooth buttons. You could say that the Hybrid is a digital version of the Classic.The Hybrid also comes with an improved filling chamber, which has a locking system. If you have used to the Classic, you realize that it's filling chamber tended to comes off too easily. The Hybrid Filling Chamber fixes that problem as it locks tight with a simple turn and only comes off if you turn it.

Storz & Bickel vape in Columbia Maryland 21045
At Pars Market we carry both Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid 

The digital display and the touchscreen make the Hybrid more user-friendly. It is also easier to handle, making the vaping process much easier. Vaping with the Hybrid feels effortless due to its improved Filling Chamber and Double Helix Heating Coil. This is not to dismiss the Classic as an outdated vape device, far from it. It’s only that vaping feels more intuitive with the Volcano Hybrid. The Volcano Classic uses convection heating, which is popular because it is efficient and produces quality taste. But Storz & Bickel have added conduction heat to the Hybrid, giving the Hybrid Volcano the advantage of the two heating systems.The Double Helix Heat Exchanger in the Hybrid also gives it an advantage in heating time. It delivers convection heat at twice the speed of the Classic, reducing the waiting time by half.

One of the most significant improvements in the Hybrid is the vaping experience.  For some, the Classic only blows bags, which changes in the Hybrid. It has a whip that spins at the top, making sharing easy. The whip doesn’t fall off, as is the case with the Classic because its Filling Chamber rotates at the base.The new Volcano also comes with a Tube Kit, which provides two delivery systems in one. This gives the Hybrid a different vaping experience. The Classic comes with the Easy Valve Balloon, which provides shorter vaping sessions, and you have to pose between sessions.

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