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Types and Styles of Bangers-- Where to buy Quartz Bangers in Columbia, Maryland?

Armin Barbei
May 13, 2023

The world of concentrate consumption is always growing and changing so it can be hard to keep up. The introduction of concentrates to the  industry formed an opportunity for the glass industry to build something new. This led to the Dab Rig’s creation, and to the most important tool the banger. Bangers, or as some call them nails, are an essential component of any dabber’s inventory. They are most commonly made of quartz, but can also be made with ceramic or titanium. Quartz bangers or nails are the preferred method because they heat up three times faster than either ceramic or titanium bangers/nails, and stay hot for longer. The quartz nail or banger also provides a smoother, tastier hit. Ceramic or titanium has also been known to emit harmful gasses compared to quartz.

All bangers come with either male or female joints. This describes whether the end of the banger that connects to your rig is designed to go into the female joint or go over the male joint of the rig. The banger’s joint will come in the three standard sizes 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. There can also be different thicknesses to the quartz, but the most common are 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm.

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Types of Banger: 

90° Banger: This describes the angle of the neck of the banger. It most closely resembles a 90-degree angle. The quartz can vary in terms of thickness, shape, and function, but the 90° signifier will always refer to the angle of the neck/stem.

45° Banger: This describes the angle of the neck of the banger. It most closely resembles a 45-degree angle. The quartz will usually come in either 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm thickness. This design is commonly used to convert bongs, with joints that will not fit right with a 90°, into concentrate oil rigs. Heady rigs may also have 45 Degree joints, and may require a similar angled banger depending on its shape.

Terp Slurper: This describes a banger with an opened dish (red) on the bottom of a thin extended style of bucket, primarily created for those who enjoy the larger side of dabs. Ports and slitted openings on the base of the dish will become the new focal point of airflow, allowing you to seal the top and use an internal valve accessory for maximum efficiency (green). Your extract or dab will be placed against the elongated walls in the center (yellow). Once it has melted down into the dish and the top airflow has been sealed, the overall design will cause concentrate to “slurp” up the banger walls, then slide back down into the dish section for further vaporization and reheating.

Heat Reactive Color Changing Crystals: These crystals are added to certain banger nails to help gauge the temperature level of the quartz. The crystals change color from yellow to red depending on how much heat is applied. The visual effect is fun to watch and will help you find that perfect temp dab.

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