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The Rolling Paper: What is the the Right Size to Roll a Perfect J?

Armin Barbei
December 25, 2022

The paper size matters to roll a fat one. You would want a size that can hold the perfect amount of herbs, whether you’re smoking alone or with your friends. Explore the various rolling paper sizes below to find one that works best for you or your group.

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Helpful visual diagram of the different sizes of rolling paper! 

The standard rolling paper size is also called single-wide rolling paper. It’s around 70mm long and 36mm wide, making it an excellent option for solo smokers. Do you use a rolling device? don't worry!  single-wide papers are suitable for virtually all rolling devices.

Are you comfortable with the length of single-wide papers but wish they were a bit wider? Look for 1 ¼ rolling papers. They’re about 78mm long and 44m wide. They may be the size you need if you’re ready to step up and smoke a joint larger than standard Js.

The next size we will discuss is the 1 1/2 paper. The 1 ½ paper shares the same length as a single-wide paper, but it’s way wider (even wider than 1 ¼) with 79mm width. It’s your best bet when you want to create a longer-lasting joint that you can pass around in a small group.

Looking for a massive rolling paper to create a huge joint to share with a large group of friends? Kingsize fits the bill. The exact dimensions of a Kingsize vary significantly depending on the brand, but it is usually 100 to 110mm in length and 4o to 60mm in width.

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