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Social Smoke Shisha Top Flavors!

Armin Barbei
October 19, 2021

Social Smoke tobacco has been a mainstay of the hookah community since their inception due their wide range of delicious flavors and the fantastic cloud output of their shisha. Made by using a blend of rare German and French tobaccos and flavored with high quality ingredients such as clover honey with no dyes or color additives this beautiful golden leaf shisha is low on nicotine and high on flavor.

  1. Pink Lemonade - A classic summertime favorite, this blend of sweet and tart lemonade with subtle notes of raspberry has the perfect blend of sweet and sour and puts out massive clouds.
  2. Cantaloupe Chill - Another crowd favorite from the "Chill" line, this fantastic blend of sweet melon and fresh mint is the perfect choice for a relaxing session with the sweet melon notes being most prominent and the mint providing the perfect finish.
  3. Baja Blue - This unique flavor is a rich blend of blueberry, raspberry, and grape but also has a subtle undertone of milk chocolate sweetness that adds to the complexity of this flavor.

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