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Smoking CBD: What Are There Benefits To This Method Of Consumption?

Armin Barbei
November 15, 2022

Before shying away from the idea of smoking CBD, you might want to understand more about this method. It may surprise you to know that there are benefits to smoking hemp CBD that you may not get from other methods of taking CBD. Smoking may even become your new favorite method of taking CBD.

Here are four main ways to smoke CBD: CBD cigarettes, CBD joints, CBD hemp flowers, and CBD vape pens.

Hemp Flowers

The flowers from hemp plants contain high levels of CBD and other natural cannabinoids. These flowers are harvested and dried in their full form to be sold as CBD or hemp flower. These flowers can be ground up to roll a joint, added to a pipe or other smoking device designed to smoke CBD flower. Hemp flowers bred for CBD use contain around 130mg of CBD per gram.

CBD Joints

Also known as CBD pre-rolls, CBD joints are hand-rolled with natural rolling paper, raw CBD flower, and a smoking filter. Most CBD joints hold one gram of full-spectrum hemp flower and can range from containing 80 to 100mg of CBD per joint.

CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape oils contain CBD, vegetable glycerin, and flavors. These oils are put into vape cartridges and are connected to a vape pen that heats up and vaporizes the oil for inhalation. The amount of CBD in CBD vape oil varies by product.

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CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes look similar to tobacco cigarettes, but the difference being they don’t contain nicotine and added chemicals as tobacco cigarettes do. Most CBD cigarettes contain 100 percent natural, raw CBD flower. CBD cigarettes contain anywhere between 20 to 70mg of CBD per cigarette.

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