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What are screens? and how do they improve a smoke sesh?

Armin Barbei
March 27, 2022

It doesn’t matter how you smoke -- papers, wraps, spoons, bongs -- no one likes getting hit in the mouth with smoldering ash (or even worse, bits of wasted smoking blend)!

It’s a very simple issue, with a very simple solution: the screen!

There are a few different type of screens: 

Metal Screens - These screens are the classic, everyday, pick-up-a-bunch-for-a-buck kind of screens. They’re jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none screens. Easy to shape to any bowl and even easier to cut to size, if needed. To use them, you simply push the screen down into your bowl with your thumb. If the screen is too large, cut a little of the extra material off and you shouldn’t have any issues. If your bowl is perfectly clean, your screen might pop out easily until you load your smoking blend on top of it.

Glass Screens- They’re fairly one-size-fits-all; you only need to make sure that the center prong will fit into the hole at the bottom of the bowl you’re using. Once these screens are seated properly, you’ll have a mostly-flat surface to pack your smoking blend on top of.

Honeycomb Screens-They’re flat like a pancake, with loads of little holes poked through, making them look just like a “slice” of a honeycomb. Since they’re flat, there’s nothing like a stem to really keep them in a set position; however, once you have a little build-up in your bowl, they’ll lock into place perfectly. The honeycomb holes allow for fantastic airflow while still preventing loose bits of material from getting through, and cleaning is a breeze, since many pokers will fit right through the screen’s holes.

No matter what screen you choose, there’s a good chance it’s going to get the job down -- choose the right screen, and you’re going to have an easy time all around.

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