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How To Avoid Building A Kratom Tolerance

Armin Barbei
September 6, 2022

With anything your body does gain a tolerance with Kratom if you take it often. In this blog we will give you a few tips on how to avoid building a tolerance to Kratom. The most common and effective way of avoiding a Kratom tolerance is Switching between strains . For instance, both Red Vein Indo and Red Bali provide relief from chronic pain and stress relief. A user can alternate between the usages of both these strains to avoid developing tolerance. It will be best if you alternate between at least four different strains in a week. It is an ideal way to increase your sensitivity towards the unique effects of different kratom strains.

Many individuals develop tolerance unconsciously. When you track your daily dosage in your writing pad or diary, you have a clear record of the amount you are taking every day. It helps you stay conscious about your dose and alarms you if you fail to manage your regular consumption.

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Kratom alternatives during a tolerance break can be a lifesaver for you! alternatives like Kava, CBD, and Ashwagandha.

When you consume anything in higher dosages, your body will undoubtedly develop tolerance against it; similar is kratom case. To avoid tolerance, you should always rotate strains, skip the days in between, try alternatives, and use smaller-to-medium dosages.

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