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Are Carb Caps Important?

Armin Barbei
May 15, 2022

You may ask what is a carb cap?A carb cap is an accessory designed specifically for dabbing with a dab rig. It either covers or is placed directly next to the dab nail, where concentrates are laid before being vaporized at high temperatures. A carb cap works similarly to the carburetor you’d find in a standard pipe or bong. Its job is to restrict airflow in a way that’s easy to control by the user.

If you want to do dab, carb cabs are important and have many features. Carb caps serve the purpose of preventing the concentrate from burning too quickly, as restricted airflow controls the rate of burning. This provides smoother inhales of vapor that are easier on the throat, while also promoting better, richer and cleaner flavor.

Carb caps give users the chance to basically adjust the power of each hit by allowing for precise management over how much heat escapes during each puff that is fired.

Carb Caps trap heat to allow dabs to be heated through a more convection-like process that distributes heat evenly.

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