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Kratom grows naturally in Southeast Asia, where people have already been using it for centuries. Kratom is a cousin planet to coffee. Some societies used it as a stimulant, and they would chew on kratom leaves in an attempt to get more energy for their day’s work. These native cultures believe in kratom’s ability to restore appetite, increase energy, and even benefit sexual potency.

Over time, tribes began eating it, smoking it, and brewing it like a tea.Much like other popular plants, kratom comes in different strains, which are associated with different effects. Depending on where you look or who you ask, you may see kratom broken up into red vein, green vein, and white vein strains. That differentiation is made by looking at the little veins in kratom leaves. Among those more general types, there are also specific types of kratom, like Maeng Da or Green Malay. If you’re unsure about the different types of kratom strains, come into Pars Market we will gladly help!