Hookah Accessories

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Hanging with your buds smoking from a hookah is a fun activity. But where can you partake in such fun in Maryland? How about the comfort of your own home?At Pars Market, you will find huge selection of hookahs and all the accessories you need including tobacco and charcoal.  Pars Market is committed to offering the largest selection of quality hookah products. We have hookahs of all Models, shapes, sizes, Colors and prices, starting at just $16.99. We only carry top quality hookah brands. We carry a wide range of Mya, Al Yeman, Starbuzz Hookah, khalil Mamoon, Amira , Amy Deluxe , Heavy Hitter, MOB Gun Hookahs, Exude, Zahrah, Iranian style, Egyptian, Turkish, hookahs and many many more.... We also carry many manufacturers and flavors of the Freshest and High Quality tobacco which is known as shisha, mass’el, or tobacco molasses at the lowest prices in entire Maryland and surrounded areas. Feel free to call us at (443)259-0002 if you have any questions. We also carry components to repair your hookah and carry a wide selection of Hookah Accessories depending on the hookah brand.