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Shisha Tobacco also known as Hookah tobacco.Traditionally, Shisha is blend of tobacco, honey or molasses, glycerin, and a flavoring such as fruit or mint. A majority of the smoke actually produced through the hookah comes from burning off the glycerin while the honey or molasses coating preserves the tobacco leaves for as long as possible.  A well prepared shisha head should  deliver deep puffs of flavorful, relaxing smoke for somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

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What are the brands that Pars Market carry? 

  • Al Faker
  • Starbuzz 
  • Mya 
  • Haze 
  • Fumari 
  • Tangiers
  • Tick Tok
  • Afzal 
  • Social Smoke
  • Gold Star
  • Al Waha 
  • Nakhla 
  • Nirvana 
  • Fantasia 
  • Mazaya 
  • And Much Much More! 


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