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We often get asked by customers which is better Glass Pipes or Silicone Pipes. This depends on the person and their lifestyle.  

There are a few factors that can help you decide:


Both materials will require cleaning, but silicone requires a bit more care than glass. Glass stands up to abrasive cleaning methods that silicone can’t. Before you decide which material to choose for your next pipe, you should consider how often you might expose your piece to wear and tear. 


Glass pipes are notorious for breaking unless you invest in very thick glass, but those can still break. This depends on the person how easy it break. Silicone pipes is very hard to break. 


You can select all sorts of ice traps, ash catcher, percolators, and dab devices like nails and bangers -- all of them designed to fit into glass pipes  and often made of glass themselves. Generally, silicone pipes don’t have this expansive set of accessories to choose from. 

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