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  Pars Market is committed to offering the largest selection of quality hookah products. We have hookahs of all Models, shapes, sizes, Colors and prices, starting at just $16.99  We carry a wide range of Maya, Acrylic, Bohemian, Vapor, Aladin, and Iranian style hookahs and many more... We also carry many manufacturers and flavors of the Freshest and High Quality tobacco which is known as shisha, mass’el, or tobacco molasses at the lowest prices in entire Maryland and surrounded areas. Feel free to call us at (443)259-0002 if you have any questions. We also carry components to repair your hookah and carry a wide selection of Hookah Accessories.

Pars Market Best Hookah Selection in Maryland
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Open Daily: 10AM to 9PM 

TEL: 443-259-0002 





Pars Market LLC Hookah Selection in Columbia Maryland 21045

Our Hookah are Built strong, Selections are wide,  looks are Awesome, Qualities are High and they last for a life time!

We carry 100% of the accessories that goes with any  Hookahs we sell and guarantee the quality of our products and your Satisfaction!

Along with all the above said we provide you with an fantastic customer service that you have never experience like one before!

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Pars Market Hookah, Shisha,  Charcoal Poster

We carry many varieties and flavors of Shisha:

• Just to name a few: Black Grape Layalina Shisha • Double Apple Al Fakher Shisha

• Golden Strawberry Al Fakher Shisha • Grape Al Fakher Shisha

• Blue Mist Starbuzz, Citrus Mint Starbuzz, Coco Jumbo Starbuzz, and almost full ine of everything Starbuzz flavors!

• After Nine Al Waha Shisha • Eskandarani Apple Layalina Shisha

Pars Market LLC Three Kings Charcoal For Hookah We carry many varieties of Charcoal:      

• Coco Nara Coals • Three Kings Hookah Charcoal            

• Al Fakher Coconut Coals • Al Fakher Quick Lighting Coals

• Chronic Hookah Coconut Coals • Dodo Self Lighting Coals

• Kwikstart Silver Charcoal Tablets

We carry many accesories and replacement parts for your hookah

Pars Market Hookah, Shishah, Accessories and Replacement Parts Columbia Maryland 21045

We carry many accesories and replacement parts for your hookah

• Hookah Hoses • Hookah Bowls • Replacement Vases

• Hookah Tongs • Plastic Tips • Replacement Stems

• Metal & Glass Screens • Foil Sheets • Replacement Trays

• Hookah Gaskets • Hookah Brushes • Argile Wind Covers

• Hookah Bags/Cases • Charcoal Lighters • Stem Adapters

• Stem Plugs • Check Valves • Hose Components

Other practical accessories we offer are:

  • bowl aluminum foil
  • wind cover (bowl wind cover)
  • multi hose adapter for all hookahs
  • base protector
  • carrying and storing bag
  • charcoal holder – ideal for tearooms

Best of everything We also carry Largest Selection of Bubblers, Glass Blunt, Mershon Pipes, Pipe Screens, Water pipe, Chillums, Hand pipe, Metal Pipes, Steam Roller, Wood Pipe, Vaporizers, Electronic Cigarettes, Legal Herbal Incense, Filters, Rolling Paper and many many more...